Sewing Tutorial: Make a Glasses Case

A quick and easy sewing project to rustle up in no time at all!  
All you need is two rectangles of fabric, mine were 18cm x 20cm in size but for larger glasses frames I'd add an extra centimetre to those dimensions. 

I used our Galloping Unicorns fabric for the outside, and Astrology Pink for the lining, and Gutermann Sew-All #733 for the thread.

If you have any of our free sample sizes we send out with orders, these should be big enough to use.

If you'd like a more padded case, you could also use some sort of interlining between the fabrics, but I chose not too as I wanted something slim to fit in my tiny handbag!

Simply place the fabric rectangles right sides together, and sew around the edge with a 1cm seam allowance. 

Don't forget to leave a gap of around 5cm so you can turn this inside out.  I decided to do a slightly rounded corner at the bottom of mine, so I went back and marked 2cm in from the edge at the bottom corners and sewed a curved corner as pictured below.

Then trim the seam allowance slightly, and cut off the curved corners.  If you've gone for curves, clip every cm around the edge so that it doesn't pucker up when you turn it inside out.


For sharp corners, cut off the excess at an angle as photographed below, so you don't have too much bulky fabric as this will stop your corners looking sharp.


Now turn inside out, and press with an iron.  Where you have the opening, turn the edges in and press to make it easier to sew.  You don't actually need to sew up this gap, as it will get sewn over in the next step.

Fold the fabric rectangle in half lengthways, and sew along the long edge and round the corner along the bottom.  If you sew around 2mm from the edge, this should also seal up the gap you left for turning.  

And congratulations, you're done! 

One very lovely soft case for your specs or sunnies when you pop them in your bag.  High fives all round!

Don't forget.... send us a photo of your finished make to us @birdyandblue on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  We'd love to see them!