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Mini Stocking Advent Calendar Panel ('Christmas Novelty' collection)



Make a beautiful Advent Calendar, featuring an array of cute Christmas characters. This is a ready-prepared selection of beautifully matching stocking cutouts that are ready to go! All contained on one handy fabric panel, complete with full instructions on how to make.

This fabric is 100% premium cotton, from the 'Christmas Novelty' collection by Makower.

We are selling this in 60cm (24inch) panels, as this gives you one complete set of advent calendar stockings. The first photo shows one whole panel of fabric.

To give you an idea of the scale of the pattern on this fabric, each finished mini stocking is 17cm high (7 inches) x 8cm across the top (3 inches).

These fabric panels consist of 24 printed stockings, one for each day of Advent. You cut these out to be the fronts of your stockings, and will need a contrasting fabric to use for the back of each stocking (you'll need at least 60cm x 112cm of this). 

You'll also need some ribbon to make a loop on each finished stocking, and a long bit of ribbon or twine to hang the finished 24 stockings.  Full instructions are printed on the top of each fabric panel.

☞ NOTE:  Instructions are printed on the fabric

Any questions please do contact us!

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