HEADBAND PATTERN - Sew a fabric twist headband (Free PDF Download)

Birdy & Blue

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You'll need;

- half a metre of cotton fabric (approx 50cm x 110cm)

- 20mm wide elastic (about 12cm long)

- Sewing thread

- A printout of the free download pattern template (A4). 


First print out the pattern pdf, which will fit on one A4 sheet of paper.  Print actual size (make sure there's no scaling).  I've marked a 5cm measure as a guide to make sure you have the correct scale. 

Then cut out the paper pattern pieces. 

NOTE: the 'BAND' pattern piece is a quarter of the whole, so it all fits on one sheet of paper.  When you cut the fabric you'll need to fold it as indicated. 

If it's easier, and you just want one big paper pattern piece, print four times and selotape them together.  (Apologies if I'm telling you to suck eggs, but if you're new to patterns and this doesn't make sense message me!


You need 4 BAND pieces, and one ELASTIC COVER piece.  


Fold lengthways with right sides together, and sew along the length to make a tube.  Turn the tube inside out, and thread your elastic through it.  Sew the fabric and tube at one end, and then pull the elastic so it meets at the other end and also sew.  As the elastic is shorter than the tube the fabric will bunch up.  


Place 2 of the band pieces right sides together, and sew along the long edges, leaving the short edges open.  Turn the tube and press seams with an iron.

Repeat for the other 2 band pieces.  


Lay one band piece on top of the other, to make a cross.  Then fold over the bottom piece, and sew the short ends together to secure.  Then fold the other band piece over, and do the same.  Now you have your twist!


Finally lay your fabric-covered elastic on top of one of these band ends so that the raw edges all sit together, and the elastic is laying lengthways in the middle.  Sew in place.  Then wrap the sides of the band fabric around the elastic, so it's wrapped up in the middle, and sew several times over the top to secure in place.  Do the same at the other end of the band, with the other end of the elastic.  

As you pull the ends of the finished hair band, the elastic kind of disappears inside the band and it's finished.  TA-DAHH!  

I will post more photos to help explain the various steps.  Any questions do message me via the chat button below, and happy sewing!


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