Super-Soft Cotton/Polyester Blend Quilt Wadding 80/20 (90" wide)

Sew Simple

▷ COMPOSITION: 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester
▷ WIDTH: 90 inches (228 cm)
▷ LENGTH OPTIONS: Metre / Half Metre (multiple units sent as one piece)
▷ QUILT: Machine or hand quilt, up to 10" apart
▷ SHRINKAGE: Less than 5%

Super-Soft 80/20 quilt wadding combines the softness and breathability of cotton, with the durability and stability of polyester. It is made from high quality ethically manufactured cotton, with UltraClean carding used to ensure the removal of all impurities that may tarnish finished quilts or damage machine needles. No chemicals, no bleaching.

Pre-wash by hand only and dry naturally. Do not machine wash or dry batting before quilting. If pre-washing is not desired, machine wash the finished work on a delicate cycle and dry naturally.

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